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Volunteer with PRIDE
Bluegrass PRIDE offers opportunities for everyone to get involved, regardless of age! Whether your environmental interests lie in water quality, recycling or litter abatement, we have an activity for you! Join us today by filling out the volunteer form at the bottom of the page. Please note that your contact information is retained for Bluegrass PRIDE’s records only and are not sold or given to a third party.

If you have questions about becoming a volunteer at Bluegrass PRIDE, contact us.


Get Your Hands Dirty
If you are looking to plant trees, pick up litter, test stream water, build rain barrels, or stencil storm drains, look no further! Bluegrass PRIDE will let you know about these events in your community when you sign up to be a volunteer. PRIDE will send out e-mails letting you know about volunteer opportunities in your area.

Already have a group and need an activity? PRIDE can provide storm drain stenciling kits complete with stencils, paint, gloves, goggles and informative door hangers. We also have free garbage bags and plastic gloves all year long for neighborhood cleanups, and can arrange for the bags full of trash to be picked up. Simply pick a neighborhood and let us know.

Some activities are not suitable for young children. If you’re concerned about whether your activity is age appropriate, feel free to contact us.

Good Clean Fun

PRIDE depends on volunteers to help distribute the signs, posters, brochures and other outreach materials for each of its campaigns. We provide everything you need, including letters to the retailers where the materials are to be displayed. These campaigns go on throughout the year. Help us out with just one or help us with all of the campaigns.

Some activities involve driving and may not be suitable for volunteers under 16. Contact us to find out other ways to get involved with good clean fun.

Be sure to look at our calendar to find out how you can help in your community! Please note that not all activities listed are facilitated by Bluegrass PRIDE.


Volunteer Spotlight

Montessori Middle School of Kentucky

Each month, Bluegrass PRIDE benefits from the hard work provided by 4 Montessori Middle School students and their chaperone. Since Fall of 2009, the students have donated several hours to PRIDE, volunteering to ready batteries and cell phones for recycling, prepare rain barrels for construction, pick up litter, and hand out materials to encourage shoppers to remember their reusable bags!

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